Healthcare credentialing project

We’re pleased to announce that we will be pitching a healthcare credentialing project at Start Peninsula on Nov 2. We’re one of 30 participants who will have 90 seconds to pitch their idea. 10 will be chosen to develop their business over the weekend, with a longer pitch and three $5,000 prizes awarded on Sunday. We’re confident that we have a strong use case, and the product/market fit should make this very attractive to angel and VC investors.

There are lots of applications for blockchain innovation in the healthcare sector, but we came away from the Block9 Conference with the thought that the credentialing issue, as it focuses on providers and transparency, will have fewer regulatory hurdles than a project that deals with patient data. The ROI for providers and facilities should be a no-brainer on this as well, as one source we read claimed that these providers are forfeiting thousands of dollars a day. 

In addition to the six-month wait from hiring to credentialing, the facilities are also required by insurance companies to re-certify provider credentials every year. That’s insane. We have got to do better.