ODU Interdisciplinary Mixer

You may know I’m currently finishing my undergrad degree in computer science and cybersecurity at ODU. A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sachin Shetty, Ph.D, at a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society meeting. Since then I’ve been working with him on a blockchain-related independent study program for credit toward my degree. He has also been gracious enough to sponsor an interdisciplinary mixer with ODU faculty and students early next month. We hope to share information on the various blockchain-related projects at the university, gauge interest in student programs. We’ve already got a few responses to our initial announcement, mostly from the computer science, software and information technology space. We’d really like to see more interest from those in other non-CS professional industries, but this should be a good start. 

If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP here.

Healthcare credentialing project

We’re pleased to announce that we will be pitching a healthcare credentialing project at Start Peninsula on Nov 2. We’re one of 30 participants who will have 90 seconds to pitch their idea. 10 will be chosen to develop their business over the weekend, with a longer pitch and three $5,000 prizes awarded on Sunday. We’re confident that we have a strong use case, and the product/market fit should make this very attractive to angel and VC investors.

There are lots of applications for blockchain innovation in the healthcare sector, but we came away from the Block9 Conference with the thought that the credentialing issue, as it focuses on providers and transparency, will have fewer regulatory hurdles than a project that deals with patient data. The ROI for providers and facilities should be a no-brainer on this as well, as one source we read claimed that these providers are forfeiting thousands of dollars a day. 

In addition to the six-month wait from hiring to credentialing, the facilities are also required by insurance companies to re-certify provider credentials every year. That’s insane. We have got to do better. 

Introducing Ambia Fund and Bela

One of our goals with this blog is to spotlight local projects in the crypto-world, and so I want to bring your attention to the folks over at Charlottesville-based Ambia Fund, namely Tyler Marx and Tanner Roughton, two young gents who have been working hard on a project called Bela. We first met Tanner at a meetup way back in January, where he gave an early demo of Belacam, a social media photo-sharing site that pays users for receiving likes, and he and Tyler came back down this past week to give another demo right before go-live. The level of effort that they have put into the project is considerable, and deserves mention here.

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Not rekt yet

If May was bad for crypto markets, then June was completely horrible. We’ve seen USD  drawdowns of around 35% in both our long term holdings and mining accounts, but have managed to hold some water, in BTC terms, with our active trading account. The real silver lining has been that we’ve been able to focus more on tech, continuing progress on our trade planning and management package, as well as starting a new project that involves our own ERC20 and 721 tokens. While the past few months have been painful, we’ve been working hard and aren’t rekt yet!

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