First mining rig

We’ve just completed the build-out of our first crypto mining rig, code-named LAMBO1. This beast, spouting 6 MSI GeForce 1070Ti graphic processing units (GPU), and two 850 Watt power supplies, is currently cranking out crypto at an amazing clip and is already providing a steady income stream.

GPUs are almost impossible to find right now at quantity and prices are sky-high due to supply problems and high demand from miners. , and crypto prices are down from all-time-highs, but we fully expect both of these issues to be resolved in the coming months as manufacturers drop new supplies and the crypto market rebounds. For now we intend to accumulate holdings while we wait for token prices to come back and provide us with a better return on investment.

If you are interested in building your own rig or partnering with us on a large scale operation, please contact us for more information.